Walk The Walk

Hallowed ground. The Grove – the epicenter for all things Rebel. It is the ultimate place to come together – to feel the excitement of a crisp autumn day and absorb the beauties of nature.

But there is that one heart-pounding moment when you hear the murmur of the crowd increase to a distance roar then exploding into thousands of “Hotty Toddies” and rebel yells. The band is playing on all cylinders and the cheerleaders are doing their thing. “The team’s coming through! The players are beginning their walk!”

What a grand hair-raising tradition! And no one knows it better than the old gentleman featured in this personally signed Wamble art print. Like true Rebels everywhere he knows that to “talk the talk” you gotta “walk the walk.”

Larry caught the Colonel on a peacefully calm day. They both return to the Grove now and then when the roar of the crowd is just a distant echo. The quiet serenity relaxes their minds and soothes their hearts and makes them thankful they are Rebels.

$45 Unframed

Plus $9.50 shipping and handling
(via Priority Mail, typically within 24 hours of ordering)

12″ x 14″
Signed by the artist

This one simple image is so strong and sends such a personal message to us, our parents and our children. We cannot thank you enough.

The Simon Family