Places of the Heart

It may be the passionate tug of a certain cherished place.

Or perhaps it is an intense visual image lingering in the mind.

Each can stir the senses.  Each can stimulate treasured memories of time and place.

They speak to us.  They may inspire our pride.  They may humble our souls.  They may make our spirits weep.  They may make our hearts smile.  But they speak to us.

They stand as inspirational monuments.

They are places of the heart.

$45 Unframed

Plus $9.50 shipping and handling
(via Priority Mail, typically within 24 hours of ordering)

8″ x 19″
Signed by the artist

We love the way you have combined the two images in such a tasteful manner. It is meaningful, yet fun.  It causes a classic “double-take” every time someone first sees it. Great work!

Bob Slater