The soul of a truly unique small southern town is brought to life by Larry’s Magnolia art print. Exhibiting the pride of historical aspects coupled with modern day progression – this art print is another fine example of Larry’s precise research and personal “feel” for a location.

Excerpted from “The SAU Stater” – alumni magazine of Southern Arkansas University (located in Magnolia.)

“The project involved commissioning Larry Wamble to visit Magnolia and capture the essence of our community for artistic transfer to a limited-edition print. Larry has done this for two dozen cities coast-to-coast with Magnolia being the least populated community. Larry helped us find a way for each current and former resident to promote Magnolia while also exhibiting the pride we feel for this community. The print features our area’s main landmarks, attractions, and the established businesses that symbolize Magnolia to residents far and wide. The night the print was first showcased, someone told me, “the further you get from Magnolia, the more you need one of these prints.” Consider the power we have in shaping the image of our town around the nation and world with this print.”

~Todd D. Smith, Magnolia-Columbia County Chamber of Commerce

$45 Unframed

Plus $9.50 shipping and handling
(via Priority Mail, typically within 24 hours of ordering)

28″ x 12″
Signed by the artist

Larry Wamble only hits home runs! Another example of a beautiful and heartfelt work of art.

Patti Herrington