College Station, TX

“Here’s to Pride, Tradition & Eternal Friendships”

College Station, where the words “pride” and “tradition” really mean something special. A unique place where friendships develop that last not only during the time spent there but for an eternity.

With this commissioned art print Larry Wamble has truly constructed the Perfect Block for anyone who loves College Station. A print created to re-live those great times spent in the company of cherished Aggie friends.

So take a walk down Bottle Cap Alley, kill a Super Monster at Freebirds or a Cowpie at the Cow Hop then play 42 at the Chicken until you hear “Goodnight Irene.” Hang out at Duddley’s Draw or grab a friend to help celebrate your birthday with a Texas Tea or a flaming shot at the Dry Bean or cruise on out to Carney’s and make a new friend.

Maybe a great cheeseburger with some Tijuana fries at the Oil Company or drive thru over at Layne’s for some secret sauce. Reminisce about some great BBQ served on butcher paper at Tom’s or if it’s a Thursday then The Tap is the place to be seen.

Catch a band at Shadow Canyon or Fitzwilly’s and sing “The Front Porch Song” or “Fighting Texas Aggies” at the top of your lungs. Then sit back and remember the great day your friends cheered on when you finally dunked your ring.

$45 Unframed

Plus $9.50 shipping and handling
(via Priority Mail, typically within 24 hours of ordering)

34″ x 18″
Signed by the artist

Over the years I have purchased just about everything that reminds me of my time in College Station. Your print has captured it all in great detail and it will hang in a very prominent place to remind me of the good times. Every true “12th Man” should have one!

Gail Lehman

Featured Landmarks found in this print:

Fitzwilly’s — Dry Bean Saloon — Dixie Chicken — Duddley’s Draw — Coupe de Ville’s — Cow Hop — Freebirds — Layne’s — Carney’s — Tom’s BBQ — Chicken Oil Co. — Shadow Canyon — The Tap