Baton Rouge, LA

“Tailgaters, Legislators, Purple & Gold Gladiators…
Let The Good Times Roll.”

Noted artist Larry Wamble has created the ultimate Baton Rouge art print. Wamble’s finely detailed work, done in splendid color, captures the true feel of this unique Southern capitol and celebrates its matchless Louisiana good-time atmosphere.

With a salute to the legendary purple-and-gold-clad weekend tailgaters, the art print also acknowledges the storied traditions of Louisiana politics and the religious experience that is Bayou Bengal football.

Wamble has created the “perfect block” by placing familiar Baton Rouge locales next door to each other, all in the shadow of the Kingfish’s towering Capital building. The perfect block to remind the faithful of memorable times spent with cherished friends.

$45 Unframed

Plus $9.50 shipping and handling
(via Priority Mail, typically within 24 hours of ordering)

34″ x 20″
Signed by the artist

When we think of Baton Rouge, we think of great weekends camped out for a game, of the kind of unique brand of politics that is Louisiana and of all the wonderful times we’ve had at the places Wamble has assembled. We love the slogan!

Al & Susan Higgins

Featured landmarks found in this print:

Anderson’s — Fred’s — Bogie’s — Pastime — Sammy’s — George’s — The Bengal — Ivar’s — The Varsity — Chimes — The Capital