Note: "The Lyceum - 1848" is the first in a planned series of hand-colored Oxford landmarks. All subscribers to this edition will have first refusal of the same number in the next series edition. For instance, if you have Lyceum #40 of 200 then you would have the first option on #40 in the next hand-colored edition. That way, if you should decide to collect the series you would have the same # in each.

The Lyceum - 1848

Hand-colored, signed, and numbered print in the edition of 200

To true Rebels everywhere the Lyceum represents the very heart and soul of the Ole Miss campus. It opened its arms to the first students in 1848 and has courageously stood with grace, strength, and dignity through every triumph and tragedy since. Its stately countenance provides extraordinary beauty and a steadfast sense of pride and honor to all that cherish being an Ole Miss Rebel.

Professionally framed in a 2.5" wide mahogany frame with beaded accents. Triple matted in a rich gray color tone with inner mats of subdued red and blue. It is a stunning piece that you will be proud to exhibit.