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About Larry Wamble

Larry Wamble was born in Mississippi and raised in Arkansas. Growing up he worked the usual small-town jobs of the day - a paper route, then a sack boy at the local mom-and-pop grocery store. When he was fifteen he landed a job working after school and weekends at the best drugstore in town and discovered his calling. He admired his pharmacist boss so much he wanted to be like him.

After graduating Pharmacy School at Ole Miss he became a retail pharmacist and practiced for over twenty rewarding years. Along the way his dedication and work was recognized many times including being twice recognized by his peers as the state’s Pharmacist of the Year. He was also active in civic and political matters and served as city councilman, justice of the peace and police commissioner. He also sat on advisory boards for major pharmaceutical companies and major universities and was a bank director.

He was a pharmacist who had represented his profession from the prescription counter to the White House – then something happened that changed everything. He was asked to emcee and entertain during an event held at a national pharmacy convention. And the audience loved him. This single event caused other groups to come calling seeking Larry’s gift for entertaining an audience. Soon he was one of the most sought-after professional speakers in America.

This attention made it difficult to be both a dedicated pharmacist and a road-warrior speaker so Larry was faced with a dilemma. He had always been aware of the fact that there was a very fine line between being comfortable and being in a rut. The speaking business had built a new fire in his belly and he accepted the challenge. He once described that bold but scary transition as, “like jumping off a tall building wondering if your chute is packed tight enough.”

Now, some fifteen years later, this Southern gentleman is still on the road entertaining and delivering his message to convention and corporate audiences coast-to-coast and the fire is burning hotter than ever.

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